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Aireloom Mattress Store La

June 14, 2019

Aireloom Mattress Store La

Welcome to Aireloom Mattress Store LA by Blissful Sleep. When you walk into a Blissful Sleep store, you will find the absolute best of Aireloom mattresses at your disposal to try out. You will be greeted by one of our family members, responsible for the success of Blissful Sleep mattress stores since 1984, and will walk you through the complete Aireloom line, personally working with you to select the best mattress suitable for your sleeping needs.

In the lines of high-end Luxury mattresses, Aireloom has been one of the staple mattress companies that consumers have trusted for over half a century. The Aireloom company continues to operate at a high level, designing mattresses that are both comfortable and more hygienic that the average mattress on the market. Founded back in 1940 in Cucamonga, California by King Karpen, Aireloom’s mission has been to provide a line of mattresses designed to comfort to your body shape to provide you support and balance.

Aireloom Mattress Models  

Aireloom’s true elegance and beauty lies within their 5 staple mattresses. These include the same true California design that are found anywhere in the world. Diving deeper in terms of what these amazing mattresses have to offer, one will easily connect with the inner beauty that has culminated from 75 years of greatness.

  1. Aireloom Karpen Luxury –Filled with multiple layers of natural materials, including Joma wool, Talalay latex, and organic cotton, the Karpen Luxury mattress creates a cloud-like feel and a precise level of support. With their patented Aireloom Lift system, each night will provide nothing short of blissful comfort, and ultimate support.
    • Luxetop Design Options:
      Luxetop Plush
      Luxetop Luxury Firm
      Luxetop Firm
  • Original Streamline Design Options:
    Original Streamline Luxury Firm
    Original Streamline Firm
  1. Karpen Collection Sidestitch –With over 40 pounds of cotton and sealed with 560 heritage side-stiches, the Karpen Collection Sidestitch is a nod to the companies founder, providing delicate inner-springs for premium level support.
    • Karpen Sidestich Super Featherbed Option:
      Karpen Superfeatherbed
    • Karpen Sidestitch RIP Van Winkle Options:
      RIP Van Winkle Luxury Firm
      RIP Van Winkle Medium Firm
      RIP Van Winkle Extra Firm

How is Aireloom Different from the rest? 

Along with comfort and support, Aireloom’s mattresses are one of the more luxurious ones on the market, consisting of natural fibers. These include an outer shell of damask fabrics and viscoelastic foam on the inner portions of the bed. Aireloom’s array of mattress models feature a variety of materials, such as wool, cotton, latex, and foam in the mattress construction, intended to highlight the bed’s body support, comfort, and durability for a longer mattress life.

What makes Aireloom’s line of mattresses so special is their handmade, California design, bringing California comfort bedrooms all around the world. Being one of the first of their kind to provide a handmade mattress to the world, Aireloom’s collection of high quality mattresses and attention to detail are second to none. Every material used is hand-selected for durability and comfort; every layer is integral for support and relaxation; and every stitch and contour is tailored by expert artisans, which further augments the mattresses true beauty.

More Aireloom Mattress Models

  1. Aireloom Latex –Where hand craftsmanship meets modern latex technolog, the Aireloom Latex matters conforms to your body, providing an amazing line of comfort, which in turn, provides a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.
    • Aireloom Latex Luxetop Design Option:
      1. Luxetop Ultra Plush with latex core
    • Aireloom Latex Streamline Design Options:
      Streamline Plush with latex core
      Streamline Plush
      Streamline Firm
      Streamline Luxury Firm
    1. Preferred –The “Preferred” line features TENCEL New Age fabric, which is incredibly smooth to the touch. With a layer of Celsion Latex, you will feel cool and relaxed, complimented with incredible pressure relief.
      • Preferred Luxetop Design Options:
        Luxetop M1 Micro Coils, Firm
        Luxetop M1 Micro Coils, Plush
        Luxetop M2 Micro Coils, Plush
    • Preferred Streamline Design Options:
      Steamline Plush
      Streamline Luxury Firm
      Streamline Extra Firm
    • Preferred Chanel Streamline Design Options:
      Channel Streamline Plush
      Channel Streamline Firm 
    1. Aspire Hybrid –Built with TENCEL New Age fabric, the Aspire Hybrid collection is both smooth to the touch and skin-sensitive, the comfort level within this mattress goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality sleep.
      • Aspire Hybrid Coil Support Options:
        1. Plush
        2. Firm
      • Aspire Hybrid HD Foam Support Options:
        Luxury Firm

    To compliment these luxurious mattresses, the perfect bed should be paired with an equally perfect pillow. This is where the Aireloom Pillow comes into play, with complete support from the top down. Featuring Aireloom’s TENCEL New Age fabric, this pillow is smooth to the touch and keeps your head both cool, and relaxed. Filled with comfortable high density visco elastic memory foam, this pillow securely protects your head and neck while maintaining its shape. With a pillow of this magnitude, bad sleep is simply not an option. Just like California’s weather, Aireloom’s pairing of their mattress with their pillow is near perfection, allowing the body to drift into utter and blissful sleep, each and every night.

      Best Prices on Aireloom

      Blissful Sleep’s reputation as being an elite retailer is second to none, and will beat out any price offered by other mattress brands in Los Angeles. Courtesy of our top of the line white glove service, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied every step of the way. Thanks to our 90 night trial, you won’t have a worry in the world that your Aireloom is the right Aireloom, each and every night.