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Not All Mattresses are Created Equal

October 03, 2016

Blissful Sleep is revolutionizing the way people sleep by removing all the fluff and adding true value. No gimmicks, fancy sales tricks, and false claims. Blissful Sleep was born in 2015. The CEO of the company is from a family owned retail mattress business in Los Angeles. With over 20 years of experience and selling every name brand mattress company under the sun. He was disappointed after countless warranty claims with various manufactures, beds that customers could not adjust to, and just plain out right found uncomfortable. He soon came to realize there are no mattresses out there at the standards he would like to see. He set out to fix these issues and deliver a Blissful Sleep that everyone deserves. Learn how at Blissful Sleep, we reinvented the mattress by going after the most important issues in a mattress.

Longer Lasting & Better Warranty 

We guarantee it. We have vast knowledge on what makes a great bed. We also know the wrong things to put in a mattress. It’s a real science. We back our guarantee with the leading mattress warranty on the market. 99% of leading mattress manufactures require a body impression of 1.5” or greater for a warranty to take place. That is a huge body impression that can easily put your body out of alignment and cause massive backaches. Honestly the mattress companies are basically acknowledging there will be sagging to occur which is why it needs to exceed 1.5” But what if it is a 1.3” sag? They still wont consider that a defect. Now you’re stuck with a mattress that does not properly support you and does not give you proper alignment.

Blissful Sleep’s has cut that requirement in half. We only require ¾” of sag for it to be considered a defective mattress. Why do we know that we can give such a warranty?

Let’s make it simple; Just like in food you can use filler substitutes for quality products. We simply don’t use the fillers that cause those nasty dips and valleys in a mattress that is made by other manufactures. We are in the business of keeping you on your mattress well past the warranty. Most companies know how busy our lives can be and hope that claims are just not filed out of inconvenience and it’s happening more and more. With our fast paced lives we don’t have time to file a claim, so why not buy a bed that won't give you that hassle.

How is Blissful Sleep Different? We don’t just believe it, we know we have built a superior mattress and guarantee it with a 3/4” sag guarantee. There are 3 main ingredients needed to build a superior product on the market. Superior products with more loft retention, not using components that are known to sag and superior support systems.

Don’t let your next mattress become a lumpy saggy mattress that causes you to wake at night! Buy a Blissful Sleep’s night sleep.

Better Mattress Edge Support

Here at blissful sleep we start with an idea from the ground up. We always start with the correct foundation. Much like a house if the foundation is not solid cracks occur in the walls, doors begin shifting etc. That works the same with a mattress. Many manufactures build their mattress on looks and price point. We start by building a mattress correctly and figuring the cost incurred at the end, as we don’t cut corners.

So our foundation is started off right with a 2” HD base support with a 360 degree 4” edge support.

How is this different from other companies? Most companies start with a ¾” fiber pad and a 2” foam edge support. This is an inexpensive process that simply pads their margins. This leads to shifting and sagging on the side of the mattress when sitting on it and ultimately causing mattress defects. Not only that but they rely on staple elastic band and the mattress cover to hold the mattress together.

Blissful Sleep uses water based non-toxic glue that solidifies all the parts into one monocoque frame. This increases the life of the mattress exponentially. Unfortunately, you can not use the line don’t judge the book by its cover on a mattress because there is no way a company will show you the inside of a mattress nor would a consumer open it at home to see if it truly possesses the quality parts the manufacturers claim to be in a mattress. Keep in mind memory foam and organic latex mattresses are edge to edge with no edge support.

Healthy Mattresses

Blissful Sleep’s mattresses that use foams only purchase domestic foams made by FXI, a California company that manufactures foam here in the US. We are big on quality control and will not use imported foam from China in our mattresses. All our foams are also Prop 65 compliant and our Celestia fire barriers do not require additives that could prove harmful to the human body upon contact. The fibers themselves are made of modified Rayon which, at the time of burn, turn partially into Silica, which is nothing but sand.

Tris (1,3-dichloroisopropyl) phosphate (TDCPP) is a chlorinated organophosphate. Organophosphate chemicals have a wide variety of applications and are used as flame-retardants, pesticides. TDCPP was listed as a carcinogen under California Proposition 65*


Mattresses Made in the USA

Simply means better quality! We can control each part from the cover to the foams to the  latex and how it’s assembled. All Blissful Sleep products are made and manufactured in the U.S. Why cause we support our country and believe that is the only way to build a superior mattress. By purchasing in the USA it insures the product are compliant with U.S. codes and regulations.

Motion Transfer in Mattresses

Blissful Sleep mattresses are known to be motion dissipating and dampening. Motion transfer often occurs in mattresses that have a continued coil system. If you want a motionless bed it's always best to choose a pocketed coil mattress. Memory foam mattresses are known to be the most dampening. An organic mattress has slight motion transfer, as it is a rubber. A stretch nit cover helps with motion transfer as well. Also, motion transfer has a lot to do with the edge support and support system. Buying a proper metal frame or bed will also help with this issue.

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