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Intimate LS Roxbury Euro Top Plush

Your craving for a luxurious sleeping experience is exceeded with the Intimate LS Roxbury Plush Euro Top mattress. Tailored looks, nature’s finest materials and hand crafted details redefine the standard of comfort, quality and craftsmanship in a mattress. Indulgent layers of natural joma wool, cashmere and responsibly sourced horse hair rest upon innovative temperature regulating foams and over 1000 hand assembled cotton calico coils for the irresistible Intimate LS Roxbury Plush Euro Top mattress.


Tailormade Tufting™

Super Stretch Tencel® Fabric

Joma Wool

Anti-Microbial Safeguard Fibers

Comfort Foam

Convolated Foam

SnoResponse Foam

Graphite Talalay Latex

Horse Hair

4k Micro Coils

Carbon Memory Foam


6” Calico Encased Coil System

Excellent Edge™ Foam Encasement

Everlast® Base Foam

 Mattress Height: 15"

Tailormade Tufting™

Tufting keeps the comfort and supports layers from shifting and sagging over time to help maintain years of a consistent and comfortable sleeping surface

Horse Hair

Each strand of horse hair is a hollow tube that transports away moisture and excess body heat providing optimal sleeping temperature. Horse hair is also an organic material with natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-mite properties that contribute to a healthy, hygienic sleeping environment. Horse hair is a by-product from groomers & humanely acquired

Handcrafted Calico Coil System

Over 1000 steel coils are hand assembled and wrapped in a breathable natural calico fabric which are then stitched together allowing for greater flexibility and reaction to your body movements.

Graphite Talalay Latex

Graphite, a natural mineral, is infused with latex to enhance the resiliency and durability for pressure relieving comfort while helping wick away moisture and heat from your body for an optimal sleeping temperature surface.

SnoResponse Foam

This premium quick response and highly breathable foam will cradle to your body after each natural movement for a luxurious sleeping experience.

4K Micro Coils

The ultimate in comfort, luxury and pressure relieving support is found with the 4000 micro encased coil system.

Joma Wool

A luxurious, flame resistant, water repellent, non-allergenic fiber, New Zealand Joma wool is used in our mattress to maximize your comfort level and ensure breathability.


9" or 5" Natural Wood Foundation