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Shop the largest selection of Talalay Latex mattresses. Talalay Latex is proven to be up to 33% more pressure relieving than memory foam and a healthier alternative. Sleeping on Talalay Latex delivers unmatched comfort and pressure relief. 

Pressure Relief and Support all at the same time

You “sleep on” a Talalay Latex rubber mattress because it has an uplifting effect, but you “sleep in” other mattresses because they have a sinking effect. Talalay Latex rubber is a two dimensional material because it’s both supportive, by being uplifting, and pressure relieving. The support and pressure relief allow your muscles to relax and prevents tossing and turning.

Made to Withstand Time

Pure Talalay Bliss Latex rubber is extremely durable. In fact, it’s three times more resilient than Dunlop Latex, which is used in some other latex mattresses. The manufacturing process for Talalay Latex is more complex and adds two extra steps to the process, making the feel of the mattress more consistent. Because it is vulcanized, it is the most resilient material available in a mattress.

100% Talalay Latex

We don’t dilute the benefits of Talalay Latex by topping it with fibers, quilting and foam like most mattresses do. Our design maximizes the benefits of Talalay Latex Rubber, such as breathability, mold and mildew resistance and inherent antibacterial qualities. Our five-stage fresh water rinsing processes ensures the latex is as free of proteins as possible.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Pure Talalay Bliss Latex is:
• Naturally mold and mildew resistant so it may help your sneezing and wheezing
• Naturally dust mite resistant which can provide relief for people with asthma
• Inherently antibacterial and antifungal