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  • Don’t let the name fool you! The Basics Collection is above the rest. You will achieve quality sleep night after night or can be a perfect choice your guests will enjoy. This mattress is great for the back and side sleeper. It has high density reflex foam which helps achieve little to no motion transfer and no disturbance to your sleep partner! The Basics provide the ultimate in surface comfort and firmness. Cradling and supporting every move while you sleep.

    The Traditional Plus Collection comes in 3 firmnesses and different depths:
    Firm 9.5" Medium 9.5" Soft 10.5"

    • Multi Directional 350 Gram Weight Stretch Knit Cover
    • Medium Density Comfort Quilting Foam (No Fiber)
    • High Density Reflex Foam
    • 504 Offset Alternating Coil Unit
    • High Density Superior Foam Encasement
    • 10 Year Non Prorated Warranty
    • Warranty ¾” Sag Requirement (Industry Standard 1 ½”)


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