Karpen Luxury Collection - Ivory Luxetop Firm - Blissful Sleep

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Karpen Luxury Collection - Ivory Luxetop Firm

Handmade to impress, this mattress boasts a core filled with an opulence of natural materials that perfectly mirror the shape of your body to provide unparalleled back support. Every stitch, tuft, and material are delicately placed to perfection, creating a soft and absorbent environment for outstanding climate management and comfort. Making dreams for an unforgettable night’s sleep come true.


  • Belgian Jacquard Damask
  • Silk/Wool Fibers
  • Wool/Cashmere Fibers
  • FR Fibers
  • Graphite Visco
  • Super Soft Quilting Foam
  • True-Stretch™ Cotton Backing

Comfort Layers

  • Extra Firm CelsionPLUS™ TerraPur™ Latex
  • Slow recovery visco foam
  • Micro coils 19 gauge
  • Slow recovery visco foam
  • Extra Firm CelsionPLUS™ TerraPur™ Latex
  • Micro coils 19 gauge
  • Horsehair
  • Extra Firm CelsionPLUS™ TerraPur™ Latex
  • Total Micro Coils: King 4,800 | Queen 4,160

Luxury Pad (sold separately)

  • For the softest possible degree of comfort, pair your bed with our handmade Luxury Pad.
  • Belgian Jacquard Damask fabric
  • Luxury Wool / Cashmere Fibers
  • Tri-zoned TerraPur™ Latex
  • Luxury Wool / Cashmere Fibers
  • Ultra-conforming knit

Foundation (sold separately)

  • Pair your mattress with an Aireloom 8-way hand-tied box spring. It is handcrafted with:
    • 13 lbs of cotton
    • 160 yards of Italian twine
    • 800 hand-tied knots
    • 8 3/4 gauge heavy duty coils
    • Self-welting furniture cord
    • Cotton packed corners
    • Available in 9″ or 6″ profiles
    • Adjustable base friendly