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Sleep & Beyond - MyTravel Pillow


  • Here comes your 3-in-1 ultimate 100% natural and adjustable travel pillow.
  • Get the needed rest during your exciting travels.
  • Provides three necessary sleep benefits.
    • Health.
    • Support.
    • Comfort.
  • Excellent neck support and adjustable comfort for any occasion.
  • Every pillow is shipped as high loft, but by simply opening the zipper and removing some of the woolly puffs, you can turn a high loft travel pillow into a medium or a soft one, just the way you like it.
  • Experience the countless benefits of wool.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Excellent moisture control.
  • Eliminate the over heating and night sweats common with down, feathers, foam and synthetic fills.
  • A long term investment in the quality of sleep and overall health.


  • U Shape.
  • Filled with 100% washable pearl sized woolly puffs™, 0.5lbs of wool fill.
  • Covered in 100% natural cotton sateen, 300TC.
  • Eco friendly reusable packaging.